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Channellock SpeedGrip Pliers Features

Channellock SpeedGrip Pliers bring the heritage of the Channellock name while adding new features as well. These new SpeedGrip jaws include a cross-hatch pattern that allows you to grip a fastener in either direction. Channellock invented its namesake, the Channellock pliers or adjustable pliers. That’s why when someone needs some adjustable pliers, they ask for the “Channellocks.” It’s the same as asking for a Kleenex or a Coke. 

Channellock Speed Grip Pliers_1

Not only do the new Channellock SpeedGrip Pliers include the new cross-hatch jaws, but they also have a push-button lock that allows jaw adjustments very quickly. Furthermore, these SpeedGrips are made right here in the USA. They even have an embossed American flag made right into the forgings. It’s also not hard to see the obvious Channellock blue from a mile away. 

SpeedGrip Cross-Hatch

428X, 430X, or 440X?

What size do you need or want? Each new SpeedGrip plier has the model number made into it. You have the choice of the 428X, 430X, or the 440X; hence 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch pliers. Typically adjustable pliers include directional teeth or grooves in the jaws. This means that you must have the pliers in the correct orientation to put any effective directional torque on the fastener. These new Channellock SpeedGrip Pliers change the game on this allowing you to apply force in either direction. Although, if you’re really wanting the maximum torque applied with holding power, we recommend you apply the force with the lower jaws leading the way. 

428X 430X & 440X

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to go wrong with a new set of USA-made Channellock SpeedGrip Pliers and those powder-blue handles. You’ll love the new jaws and push-button function as well. Each size will cost you between $22 and $28 each, or you can buy a combo (2) set for $48.  They also are covered by a lifetime warranty. 

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