GEARWRENCH BOLT BITER Impact Driver Extractor Set


GEARWRENCH 86170 Bolt Biter Extractors

There’s no mistaking the feeling in your gut when that bolt strips that you’re trying to remove. The GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter extractors may save the day. GEARWRENCH continues to expand the Bolt Biter lineup. We’ve reviewed the original Bolt Biter sockets, then just a few months ago we got our hands on the Bolt Biter Deep Extraction Sockets, and you may want to check that one out.  Unique to the 86170 extraction set is they’re ready for your impact driver.


The 1/4″ hex shank and extraction end are made of impact-rated Chromoly steel. Each socket includes a laser-etching of the size. Most extraction sockets include cutting flutes that are angled one way, intentionally for removing a stripped fastener. GEARWRENCH made the Bolt Biter extraction sockets to have straight flutes. This allows the extraction sockets to install the fasteners as well. Why would you want to do this? Well, in a pinch, if you have to reinstall a stripped fastener, you can. Later, you can replace the fastener when you get a new one.

Extractors In Use

GEARWRENCH 86170 BOLT BITER_3We set up a test bench using some 1/4-20 NC and 5/16-18 NC bolts. After drilling appropriate size holes in a 3/8″ steel beam, we then tapped these holes with 1/4″ and 5/16″ NC taps. Using a couple of old 12-point sockets, we did our best to use the impact driver and socket to round the corners of bolts. Within a few minutes, all the fasteners were almost round.

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Grabbing the 11mm/7/16″ bolt extractor, we chucked it into our impact driver. The sockets really bite well onto the stripped fasteners. Even with the heads rounded, the extraction socket holds on enough to carry the full weight of the impact driver and battery. A quick pull of the trigger removes all 5 stripped bolts. You can buy this 8-piece GEARWRENCH bolt extractor set for just $50 and they include a lifetime warranty.

GEARWRENCH 86170 Bolt Biter 8-Piece Extraction Set: $50


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