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For the less than $25 street price, this may be a great option for someone that needs a long reach driver sometimes, but needs it compact the rest of the time.

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Whenever we hear that we have another new screwdriver coming in for review, it’s hard to think that we haven’t seen it before. Still, time and time again, we get surprised, good and bad, with what we discover. In this case it is the new Irwin extending driver multi-bit.

I have used extending drivers in the past, and with little success. These screwdrivers of the past, once the bit was extended, the usefulness of the driver became very limited. Reaching a fastener while extending the bit became like holding a hotdog over a fire while on the other end of an unwound coat hanger. I’m happy to say that they Irwin extending driver multi-bit is nothing like this. In fact, I was very impressed with the rigidity of the shaft and bit, even when extended.

Irwin Extending Driver Multi-Bit Features

This Irwin extending driver doesn’t just extend an inch or two, we’re talking almost a whole foot. Irwin lists the specs for extending to be from 5” to 11”; however, I measured fully extended, from where the shaft starts below the handle, to the tip was 11 ¾”. Even at this length, I put pressure on the body of the driver, and I got very little flex from the extended shaft.

Irwin Extending Driver Multi-Bit Flex Test

Flex Test

Irwin Locking Mechanism

Irwin Locking Mechanism

In addition to the shaft extending all the way out; furthermore, it has a locking position every inch of the extension, from 5 to 11. A quick-locking collar mechanism makes it easy for the user to extend or retract the bit; just pull the collar back about ¼” with your fingertips to release the lock. The mechanism automatically locks at each one-inch increment, unless you hold the collar back while sliding the extension.

Included with the Irwin extending driver multi-bit are five different fastener bits that fit into the integrated bit holder. You get three phillips and two straight-slot bits with the driver (PH 1, PH2, PH3, SL 6-8, and SL 8-11). The plastic handle is covered in rubber to make for an easy grip in all situations. Also, the rubber is impregnated in a micro-diamond pattern to mitigate slippage.


Last Words

The Irwin extending driver multi-bit suffers a bit in the ergonomic department, if compared to a true professional mechanic screwdriver. I see this as more of a specialty driver, so not something that will be the go-to driver for a mechanic or technician. I would also like to have seen a place to keep the bits that come with the driver. Four of the included five bits will have to reside in a toolbox or some pouch, just begging to be lost. More important, for the less than $25 street price, this may be a great option for someone that needs a long reach driver sometimes, but needs it compact the rest of the time.

To purchase the Irwin extending driver multi-bit, click here.


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