JET JAT-124 Right Angle Impact Wrench Review

JET JAT-124 1/2" Right Angle Impact Wrench
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Shop Tool Review

Any mechanic will increase his/her value by having the JAT124 in their toolbox.

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I truly enjoy using a tool that helps the technician perform their job more efficiently. The JET JAT-124 right angle impact wrench does just this. It’s not always possible to fit your typical impact wrench in places under the hood or vehicle. This is where the JAT-124 really shines. It was designed to fit in tight spaces yet still provide high torque.

The JET JAT-124 right angle impact wrench is part of the R12 series of air tools that JET has introduced. JET created the R12 series for those that want 12 hours a day out of their tools. “Engineered for overtime” is what they state, hence we wanted to find out.

The air regulator dial allows the user to switch between forward and reverse. In addition, the user can choose between two (2) forward speeds. The dial is easily turned with one hand to change between direction and speeds. A simple and comfortable trigger sends power to your socket attached to the anvil.


JET made the head or business end of the JAT-124 from machined aluminum for superior strength. The handle is made from high impact plastic with an impregnated rubber grip, so greasy hands don’t slip. There seems to be no flex or give between the head and the body. This rigid design aids in applying maximum torque to the fastener and less fatigue on the technician.

JET JAT-124 Right Angle Impact WrenchAn airtight motor housing with precision machining maximizes the efficiency of air sent to the tool. More efficiency with the fuel source (compressed air) creates more powerful output. A twin hammer mechanism provides instant torque for busting nuts loose quick.


  • Classification: R 12
  • Square Drive: ½ in.
  • Working Torque: 45-140 ft/lbs.
  • Max Torque: 180 ft/lbs.
  • Free Speed: 7,000 RPM

Using the JET JAT-124 Right Angle Impact Wrench

Removing Tow HookWe have a reputation of reviewing tools in real-world applications, and the same applies here. The ¾ ton shop truck had an issue with one of the tow hooks that bolts to the front frame rail. The only way to use a typical impact wrench would have been to use a universal, so we put the JET JAT-124 right angle impact wrench to the test.

The tow hook is fastened with a large bolt going all the way through the frame rail and tow hook and secured by a nut. A second bolt is screwed from the bottom through a hole in the frame rail into machined threads on the tow hook. Once the bolts were both removed completely, then the tow hook slides out the front of the frame rail.

Our intentions were to just remove the hook, put it in the press to straighten, and reinstall. A picture tells a thousand words. I guess one too many palm trees have been snatched up. Anyway, we replaced the old and broken tow hook with a new one, furthermore we’ll rent an excavator for the next tree pulling.

Broken Tow Hook

High Torque

To do the job of removing the fasteners, we grabbed the JET JAT-124 and an 18mm impact socket. The JAT-124 uses a hog-ring style retainer clip on the anvil. Retaining the sockets on the anvil was no issue, neither was there an issue with removing the sockets. I turned the air regulator dial to the “R” (reverse) position, placed the socket on the nut and another 18mm wrench on the bolt. Pull the trigger in the right angle impact, as a result I feel a few hits of the internal hammer and the nut zipped right off. I truly thought that I would need to break the bolt loose before the impact could do the job.

Replacing the new tow hook and reinstalling the fasteners was done in reverse fashion of removal. I used the maximum forward position to attach the 18mm bolts. Once complete, I wanted to make sure the bolts were tight, so I used the 18mm combo wrench for assurance. After using the JET right angle impact to fasten the bolts, I couldn’t budge the bolts with the wrench.


I was pleasantly surprised using the JET JAT-124. Much different than my previous experience with most other right angle air impacts. The aluminum head and high-impact plastic handle provides a rugged frame but yet comfortable to handle. The power was impressive and consistent with each pull of the trigger.


While I detailed the tow hook job above, we have used the JET JAT-124 right angle impact wrench on a plethora of other fasteners. In particular, we used it on some smaller fasteners as well, and using the “low” forward setting was excellent for this. There is no specification for the two settings, but it seems the “low” setting would be something similar to being hand-tight. The “high” setting is the maximum output and JET rates the torque to be 180 ft/lb at 90psi of compressed air.

JET Impact small fastenerThe JET JAT-124 right angle impact wrench is not going to replace your tried and true standard impact wrench, but it wasn’t made for that. What it is built for is to supplement your standard impact, so you have something easier to use in those hard to reach places. I can definitely see this being used in a variety of places where you would typically reach for a breaker bar. I would like to see more optional selections from the air regulator dial, so the user can tune the torque for the job at hand.

JET impressed us with the JAT124, and this will be a tool that we keep around the shop. Any mechanic will increase his/her value by having the JAT124 in their toolbox. Visit the JET website here to find a dealer near your or purchase online.

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