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Put your customers at ease when working around their expensive vehicles. The Lisle trim removal master tool set is made from glass reinforced nylon to minimize marring the finish.

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I can’t think of much worse than scarring the paint or leather of a customer’s nice car, especially with them watching. Using screwdrivers, or tools made of metal to remove trim can be a risky move, and we’ve probably all done it. I’m glad that someone realized how silly it is to work with sharp metal tools around trim. The Lisle trim removal master tool set is made completely of glass reinforced nylon, so it takes the worry out of working around anything on the car. This is a 27-piece kit that has about every tool you can think of to remove trim, and the price is less than $40 for the set.

Fond Lisle Memories

If you don’t know the Lisle name, then you probably haven’t been around auto shops or parts houses for very long. The company started in 1903 making a horse-powered well, but by the 50’s, they were mostly automotive. I can remember vividly, growing up in my Dad’s shop, in and around race cars, muscle cars, and tri-5 Chevys. The well-worn Lisle Jeepers Creeper was my play toy in the shop until Dad needed to slide under a car. The Jeepers Creeper name is still alive and well, and you can still purchase the wooden version, albeit not the same. They even sell the 3″ Steel Roller Wheels for the old wooden style creeper.

Steel Roller WheelsOne of the first jobs my father allowed me to perform on his race car/s was lapping valves. No power tools here, just some lapping compound and a Lisle 21100 large valve lapper. If you haven’t used one, it’s a lot like starting a fire with just a stick between your two palms. And lastly, on my own, rebuilding my mini-bike motor, I used a Lisle 23500 glaze breaker on the cylinder. So, the Lisle name is well known by me, and it rings of quality and specialty automotive tools. This Lisle trim removal master tool set is no different.

Lisle Trim Removal Master Tool Set Features

As a 27-piece kit, there has to be a tool in here that fits about any job around the trim of a vehicle. The Lisle 28740 comes in a roll-up case with a velcro strap to secure it closed. Each trim tool has it’s own little fabric cubby-hole to slide into until it’s needed. These tools are made from glass reinforced nylon, which keeps them from marring finishes but also allows them to flex a bit.


Pick Tool For Small Pieces

Pick Tool For Small Pieces

On each of the Lise trim tools, there is an embossed number, 1-27, so you can keep the tools in order. I thought there may be a master list that matched the number with a name of the tool and description. Nope, even the Lisle website lists them as “Trim Tool #1”, “Trim Tool #2” and so on. It’s OK, this is not rocket-science, and we should be able to figure out which tool we need by looking at it.

There are forked trim tools for removing door panel clips, a pic for removing small pieces and wedge-shaped tools for sliding behind trim. Some of these tools look a bit foreign to me, but I’m sure there will be a time when they will be needed. After all, it’s great to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Lastly, if you don’t want to use the roll-up bag, each tool includes a hole on the opposite for hanging on Wall Control Metal Pegboard.

Hole For Hanging

27-piece Lisle 68740 Specs

Wedge To Slide Behind TrimThis is the area where we would normally have bullet-points or a grid, listing all the specs of the tool/s. In this case, there are no specs, and all 27 pieces are pretty self-explanatory. You need to remove a piece of trim, grab the tool you think will work best. There are plenty to choose from. Wait, I thought of a couple bullet-points!

  • Made from non-marring Glass Reinforced Nylon
  • MSRP: $54.95 (found online for less than $40)
  • Model: 68740



Growing up the family glass and upholstery business, you quickly realize the importance of using correct tools. Through self-experience, I found out the hard way that prying on pillar-post trim with the wrong tool will break a windshield. Furthermore, a metal hook tool in your back pocket can wreak havoc on a leather seat. Ok, so whether it’s from tool choice or just poor decision making, mistakes usually cost money, and time. The Lisle trim removal master tool set is definitely a step in the right direction, allowing less opportunity for collateral damage.

Being made from nylon, these tools will perform much better around a painted surface, rather than using a metal tool. The fact that you have 27 tools to choose from makes this kit applicable to any garage or shop. It doesn’t matter if you work on domestic or foreign, car or truck, this 27-piece Lisle 68740 trim set should fit the bill. We did notice that when prying on a tough fastener, they would flex quite a bit. Not to the point where we couldn’t remove the fastener, but worth noting. We also have the Lisle 68300 11-piece trim set, which seems a bit stiffer. We’ll follow-up with a review on it as well, at a later date. As is, this kit will stay in our shop forever, and we’re sure to find more and more uses for each tool.

You can purchase your Lisle Trim Removal Master Tool Set here.

…I’d love to find one of those old Jeepers Creepers for my shop.

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