MATCO BJP18100 Ball Joint Press Kit Preview

MATCO BJP18100 Ball Joint Press-1

Matco Ball Joint Press 1Typically, when ball joints are discussed there are groans, gasps, and even 4-letter words exchanged. With the Matco BJP18100 Ball Joint Press, front-end jobs may get easier. Portable presses aren’t new, but Matco’s design is a bit different than the norm.

Matco BJP18100 Ball Joint Press Features

Notice the fulcrum of ball joint press on this Matco is offset from center. This design provides a 2:1 leverage force to the cup end of the BJP18100. Matco cups lock into place with a snap-ring, hence they can be removed and replaced without tools. Furthermore, Matco includes adapters that allow the use of cups from other manufacturers as well.

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The Matco BJP18100 is made from 4140 forged steel to take the brunt of impacts and deliver thousands of pounds of force. This press weighs in a 25-pounds, so it’s got some beef to it. The included hardened pins make it quick and easy to adjust to the opening to the size and cups needed for the job.

Final Thoughts

We like to see when tool companies make existing tools more efficient, therefore making your job easier and more profitable. The BJP18100 ball joint press is available without or without their cup kit. This is something else we really like to see when tool companies make use of existing accessories you may already have. If you already have Snap-on, OTC, or other cups, you can use those too with the new Matco ball joint press. Pricing looks to be in the $700+ range for the press and another $400+ for the cup kit. While this is not a drop in the bucket, it may pay for itself rather quickly.

For more information, check with your Matco Truck or click here: Matco BJP18100 Ball Joint Press.

Features and Specifications

  • Game-changing design of this patented tool provides plenty of clearance between the frame, pivot link and cups
  • Powerful 2:1 leverage removes and installs large ball joints on most vehicles including full-size pickups
  • Proprietary design keeps BJP18100C cups locked in place during use
  • Universal adapters included with BJP18100 kit enable other popular cup sets to be utilized with the ball joint press
  • Measures approximately 12″ W, 10″ H, 2.5″ D and weighs approximately 25 lbs. fully assembled
  • Frame members are made of forged 4140 alloy steel for ultimate durability
  • Patented design provides ample clearance to service ball joints on the vehicle


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