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If you want a knife that reminds you of the tools you work with every day, then I doubt you will find another more fitting than the Monster MSTRATCHET limited edition knife.

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Needing a knife to cut a rope when I was a kid, I asked my Dad: “Dad, do you have a knife on you”? Dad replies: “I got my pants on, don’t I”! I’ve only heard that about ten-thousand times in my life. It is true, there is nothing much handier than having a knife in your pocket. For the past two weeks I’ve carried the Monster MSTRatchet limited edition knife to give it a good shakedown and see what it’s made of.

Everyone should own at least a dozen or two pocket knives. I know, you’re rolling your eyes thinking that’s not necessary, but get used to carrying one, you’ll change your mind. Once you get used to a knife handy, it drives you crazy when you don’t have it. I hate it when I travel because you can’t carry it on the plane. I have been known to stop by the local hardware store to pick up a cheap knife when out-of-town on business.

…that’s an idea, they have the dollar shave club, why not the dollar knife club?! We could even have a knife pickup right outside the airport. Don’t take my idea.


Monster MSTRatchet Knife Overview

First impressions when unboxing, I wasn’t so sure how pleased I would be with the knife. After going over the knife in detail, it started to grow on me, and now I’m a fan. For an EDC (Every Day Carry) knife, testing proved quite well for the Monster MSTRatchet (mst-ratchet, as in a socket and ratchet) knife. This knife is not only designed by a true knife craftsman, but it is made from quality material and has some nice features.


Sturdy Frame Lock

The business-end (blade) of this knife is made from AUS 8 blade stainless steel. AUS 8 is a Japanese made stainless steel that has great blade retension, as well as having durability with the knife edge. To open the blade, a quick flip of the forefinger on the flipper swings the blade out quickly. A sturdy frame lock keeps the blade from unintentionally closing. Furthermore, there is very little wobble of the blade in the frame.

Being a pretty big guy, at 6’3”, this knife does feel a little short in my hand. The knife is stubby, a short but wide blade, with the frame of the knife matching. Keep in mind, this knife is not small and probably fills the average hand. Even though the knife seems short in my hand, I prefer a knife that is slim and compact. Therefore, the size of the Monster MSTRatchet is actually a decent fit for me. I would like to have a little more jimping on the back of the blade and the finger hold, to enable a more secure grip.

Small in my hand

Monster MSTRatchet Design

One side of this Monster MSTRatchet limited edition knife looks like a typical knife. The handle has a smooth finish and the belt clip is smooth with a Monster logo decal or print on the pocket clip. The opposite side of the knife looks and feels like satin aluminum, and the shape of a ratchet is embossed in the handle. Also, the “Monster” logo is embossed in the same side, just to remind you that you are a gearhead.

Monster MSTRatchet Knife Specs

  • Monster MSTRATCHET Knife Jimping

    Jimping on the Blade and Body for a Better Hold.

    AUS 8 Blade Steel

  • Cold Forged Aluminum Handles
  • Flipper for Fast Opening
  • Satin Finish
  • Folding Knife With Frame Lock
  • Blade Length: 2.68″
  • Knife Dimensions: Closed: 3.95″ Open:6.63″
  • Knife Weighs: 3.6oz.
  • Exclusive design made especially for Monster by Columbia River Knives/CRKT.
  • Limited Edition – 5,000 made
  • Ratchet inspired handle design

Using the Monster MSTRatchet Limited Edition Knife

For the past couple weeks, this MSTRatchet knife has been used for cutting apples, opening boxes, gutting fish, whittling wood, and cutting down straws for my younger kids. The AUS8 blade has stayed very sharp with little signs of wear or dulling. The handle is made of a forged aluminum that feels as though it’s stainless, and the frame lock has kept the open blade in position.

Monster MSTRATCHET limited edition knife

At a MSRP of $99, the Monster MSTRatchet limited edition knife falls into a pretty common category. It’s not a cheap knife purchased at the local box store, and it’s not a knife you would find on the high-end of the market either. As an EDC, this knife may be a great choice for you. Additionally, the frame lock and blade are the key features, with the high-performing AUS 8 stainless steel.

If you like a slim knife, like me, then you should be very pleased. At the same time, the blade and body is pretty fat, so this may deter you as well. Knives are hard to recommend, hence it’s almost like setting up someone on a date. Until you see it, talk to it and get to know the personality, you really don’t know a good fit…I’m talking about the knife. Definitely, if you want a knife that reminds you of the tools you work with every day, then I doubt you will find another more fitting than the Monster MSTRatchet limited edition knife.

Pick one up today from your local mobile dealer, or grab it here.


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