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Final Thoughts

Few other tools in your tool box are relied upon more than the ratchet. Most of us have several sets of ratchets, ranging in sizes, finish and functionality. The 72-tooth MST97998 Monster ratchet set is a great choice, especially with a lifetime warranty.

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As a mechanic, what tool do you rely on more than your ratchet?! The thin profile Monster ratchet set MST97998 is a great place to start with an affordable and quality trifecta of ratchets. The MST97998 is a kit that includes the 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ drive ratchets for less than most other ratchets on a tool truck. A lifetime warranty eliminates the concern for replacing or fixing in the future.

Monster Ratchet Set Features

The Monster ratchet set MST97998 ratchets are made from Chrome Vanadium with a polished finish, so these ratchets are easy to keep clean with a quick wipe-down. All three ratchets exceed ASME and ANSI standards. They exceeded our expectations as we pushed each ratchet beyond typical usage, while not seeing any breakage or malfunction. One example was using the 3/8″ ratchet with a 3-foot breaker bar to break loose 100 ft/lb. lug nuts. I know this is not insane amounts of force, but still more than what you would typically use a 3/8″ ratchet for. I doubt you’re grabbing the 3/8″ to break loose head bolts and lug nuts.Furthermore, we used the 1/2″ Monster ratchet to break loos lugs on a GMC Topkick c5500. With me standing on the ratchet and bouncing, I could feel some flex in the handle, but it never broke or slipped.


What’s Inside That Counts

Monster Ratchet Set MST97998 Featured ImageWe wanted to see what the internals of these ratchets were hiding. Three torx screws held the internals in the body. Two from the top go through the head of the ratchet body and into the base plate. The third torx screw, smaller than the other two, started from the base plate on the bottom and screwed into the shift lever. All the screws had to keep them in their place without loosening.

All three ratchets in the Monster ratchet set included a 72-tooth design, hence including a dual-pawl design. The operation of the ratchet mechanism delivered smooth performance, while not slipping, skipping or breaking. Changing rotation from left to right (tighten/loosen) kept that same smooth and easy movement. Furthermore, a push-button detent releases the sockets and extensions without effort.



At a cost less than $100 street price and a liftetime warranty, this Monster ratchet set may be a great choice for any mechanic. For more information and pricing, click here.

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