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The new design of the DeWALT Pear Head ratchets delivers the same heavy duty feeling and performance, but with 30% less weight. With a price of less than $40 each and a full lifetime warranty, the value is hard to beat.

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“One can never have too many ratchets.” I believe that Einstein or Socrates stated this. Then again, on second thought, it may have been Tim Allen. Regardless of whom may or may not have said it, I stand by it. We made additions to our ratchet collection when we recently received the new DeWALT Pear Head ratchet. In fact, they sent us the 1/2” model DWMT19206 and the 1/4” DWMT17130. We haven’t seen the 3/8” model, but we’re fairly confident that it looks and performs remarkably similar to the other two.

DeWALT Ratchet Styles

In case you don’t know, because I didn’t, DeWALT actually makes a few different style ratchets.

Round Head Ratchet – round head with a grooved round dial on the top of the head for reversing direction.

Pear Head Ratchet – as we are reviewing here. Ratchet head is pear shaped with a low profile directional lever for reversing direction.

Pear Head Quick Release Ratchet – yep, you guessed it, pear shaped head with low profile directional lever. In addition, it has a push-button quick release that releases the ball detent, hence releasing the socket. These quick release style are the same ratchets included in the DeWALT Impact Socket Set we reviewed earlier this year.


All three styles, including the new DeWALT pear head ratchets are made of Chrome Vanadium, as well as sharing the same polished chrome finish.


New DeWALT Ratchet Design

The new design of the Pear Head ratchet has more of a necked-down slimmer body between the head and handle. This design saves about 30% of the weight compared to the first generation of DWMT ratchets, hence making them more ergonomic and with less fatique to the technician. Even with the slimmed down design, strength and torque testing still yields above industry average.

New DeWALT Ratchets_2

DeWALT 72-Tooth PawlAll the DWMT ratchets include the 72-tooth single-pawl design, therefore creating a 5° swing arc for reengaging the fastener. Handles for the new DeWALT ratchet are eliptical in shape (oval-ish) on the cross-section. Even length-wise the shape is fuller in the middle and slightly tapers to the rear of the handle, as well as toward the head.

“DeWALT” proudly exclaims their name with it engraved into the topside of each handle, and the model number (DWMTxxxxx) engraved on the bottom. Six (6) indentions (3 on top, 3 on bottom) on each side of the ratchet handle, 12 in total, are intended for additional grip. Finally, two (2) more indentions reside where the user’s thumb and forefinger typically rest, adding better ergonomics and grip.

Model Numbers For The New DeWALT Ratchet

  • 1/4” Drive: DWMT17130
  • 3/8” Drive: DWMT17131
  • 1/2” Drive: DWMT19206

Our Take On The New DeWALT Pear Head Ratchet

DeWALT Pear Head Ratchet InternalsRatchets are rather simple and we sometimes try to over-complicate them, DeWALT keeps it simple. Most importantly, the ratchet needs to work, hence not skipping teeth or the pawl not engaging. Followed closely behind performance is durability and ergonomics. The ratchet needs to last and perform for years to come, in addition to being comfortable to hold and use, even for extended periods.

In the use and abuse that we are giving the 1/2” and 1/4” (DWMT19206 and DWMT17130 respectively) DeWALT ratchet, we are impressed. Whether we stand on the 1/2” breaking lugnuts loose, or break Ford water pump bolts with a pipe connected to the 1/4” ratchet, these ratchets don’t seem to fail nor skip a beat.

We have seen in recent years that ratchets have gone to dual-pawl, 100-postion, and 120-tooth designs. These are just a few, but the idea is lessening the swing arc to better enable fastener engagement. With the 72-tooth design, we are curious why DeWALT didn’t choose to bump up to a tighter swing arc. At the same time, these are quality ratchets and we have yet to find fault with their performance.

Weight, Finish and Ergonomics

DeWALT Ratchet Handle ShapeEven though the new DeWALT Pear Head ratchet lost some weight, they still feel hefty. Not too much, but you definitely feel some weight to them when you pick them up. They feel sturdy and up to the task. The chrome finish makes it easy to clean, and the Chrome Vanadium ensures durability to mother-nature and the typical shop chemicals (brake fluid, gasoline, used oil, etc.).

The handles of the DWMT DeWALT ratchet are very comfortable. The oval and elliptical shape fit very nice in the hand. With the slick chrome finish, I’m not sure how much additional grippage the side indentions are giving. At the same time, the indentions are not uncomfortable and they can’t hurt the grip. However, the indentions on top and bottom, for the thumb and forefinger are surprisingly noticeable and welcomed. They actually provide the feel that you secure the ratchet in your hand and it’s comfortable. Finally, the top edge of the head includes bevelled edges, so the user’s supporting hand, cupping the ratchet gains some comfort as well.


Price and Warranty

DeWALT Pear Head Ratchet In UseThe new DeWALT Pear Head ratchets range in MSRP: $29.99, $34.99 and $39.99 (1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ respectively. Keep in mind, this is MSRP and the street price will probably be much less. With the build quality of the ratchet and the expected street price, the value is hard to beat, especially with the warranty. We can easily recommend the new DeWALT ratchets to our mechanic audience!

You don’t have to worry about waiting for the tool truck. These new Pear Head ratchets come with the DeWALT Full Lifetime Warranty, hassle free. No need to even visit the store, just email or call support, give them the broken part information, and they ship a new part/tool to you, at no cost.

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