Next Generation Milwaukee Aviation Snips

Milwaukee Aviation Snips
Milwaukee Tool recently announced the introduction of its next generation line of aviation snips. With common user frustrations in mind, Milwaukee engineered the new line of snips for improved ergonomics, handles, locks, and blade performance. This new line of Milwaukee Aviation Snips is available now.

What Milwaukee Has To Say

“For our users, even the smallest details can make the biggest difference to their productivity, which is why we’ve made a number of improvements to our Aviation Snips to provide an even better experience. Our new Aviation Snips build off the success of our snips line and set the bar even higher by enhancing the overall ergonomics of the handles and improving the lock for added ease of use. Even better, we’ve been able to accomplish all this without sacrificing the incredible durability and cut performance our users have come to know and trust.”
Derek Rose, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Aviation Snip Features

The new line up from Milwaukee features forged blades, which Milwaukee claims provide up to ten times more cuts than the non-forged blades on the market. The chrome-plated blades resist rust and corrosion, and lend durability to the tool.

Milwaukee Aviation SnipsAlso featured with this new line of snips is a new and improved bolt lock. The enhanced bolt lock keeps the blades from loosening. A one-handed metal lock allows the user to open and close the snips easily, and thumb and forefinger resting points on the handle allow the user more control when cutting through sheet metal.

For added utility, the new Milwaukee Aviation Snips feature flush bolts on the cutter heads. This helps to prevent getting hung up on sheet metal while cutting.  Also, the upgraded handles feature an ergonomic, molded grip for comfortability during extended use. Lanyard holes have been punched into the end of the handle for easy tethering.

Milwaukee Tool backs their new aviation snips with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Offered as single pieces or in a couple varieties of sets, the new snips range from $12.99 – $21.99.

Final Thoughts

The Milwaukee Tool slogan these days is “Nothing But Heavy Duty.” I haven’t put my hands on these aviation snips yet, but they look like they operate as advertised. There are some nice features to the new snips; the handles look comfortable, flush bolts on the cutting heads are never a bad idea, and a durable bolt to hold it all together makes for what is probably a quality tool.
I don’t know that there is any wild and ground-breaking innovation here, but I don’t know that there needs to be either…unless, of course, some manufacturer decides to step up and forge some snips from adamantium.  I suspect I might be waiting a while for that, though. Until then, the next-generation Milwaukee Aviation Snips look to be comfortable, efficient, and durable enough to last a while. Furthermore, with 13 different options for purchase, Milwaukee ensures they have a full lineup, as you can see in the available options below. Milwaukee Aviation Snips

Milwaukee Aviation Snips Bullet Points

  • Forged blades for up to 10X more cutsMilwaukee Aviation Snips
  • One-handed metal lock secures tool closed for storage
  • Bolt Lock prevents loosening
  • Chrome rust protection
  • Ergonomic grips for comfortable extended use
  • Available: August 2017

Milwaukee Aviation Snip Available Options

  • Left Cut Aviation Snips – $12.99
  • Right Cut Aviation Snips – $12.99
  • Straight Cut Aviation Snips – $12.99
  • Left Cut Offset Aviation Snips – $16.99
  • Right Cut Offset Aviation Snips – $16.99
  • Straight Cut Offset Aviation Snips – $16.99
  • Long Cut Aviation Snips – $19.99
  • Long Cut Offset Left Aviation Snips – $21.99
  • Bulldog Aviation Snips – $14.99
  • Right Angle Left Cut Aviation Snips – $21.99
  • Right Angle Right Cut Aviation Snips – $21.99
  • 2pc Offset Aviation Snip Set – $31.99
  • 3pc Aviation Snip Set – $29.99

Shop Milwaukee Aviation Snips here.

Milwaukee Aviation Snips

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