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Final Thoughts

If you ever have to repair a broken wire in a wiring harness, then the TG Products solder tool would be $25 well spent. The profit from one job would by far outweigh the cost.

Nobody likes chasing down broken wires in a wiring harness, as well as dealing with the pain to solder them. TG Products Solder Tool holds the spliced wire in place, along with the solder, freeing both hands of the technician for soldering. The time saved on one wiring splice job should profit more than enough for this $25 tool.

TG Products Solder Tool Features

The two alligator clips are much like some tools of the past, however the TG Products solder tools adds a few features. The twin alligator clips are fastened to a rigid alloy base that provides as a heat shield for other wires in the harness, or in the vicinity. In addition, TG solder tools provides a clip for your solder tube to clip onto the base, hence it holds your solder for you. The clip for a 5/8″ diameter solder tube is included, as well as a clip for holding a larger solder spool. A hole in the allow base allows the user to place the solder spool on top or below. This aids in allowing the technician to free up space where needed.

Our Take

Solder Tool Harness

We love tools that make sense, are efficient, and are a value. The TG Products solder tool checks all three boxes. We understand this is not a tool that will have all the mechanics and technicians standing around in awe. Well, not until they need to splice a wire in a wiring harness. For $25, you get a tool that should last nearly forever, hence if you do more than one job with it, you profit nicely. We don’t have a problem recommending this to the pro.

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