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FLEX XCE Cordless Polisher FI

A dual-action orbital polisher is a mainstay in the tool arsenal of today’s detailers. However, the FLEX XCE cordless polisher brings a whole new level to the orbital world. Detailers focused on high-end luxury and exotic supercars have known for years that the FLEX XC3401 was the go-to for muscling through the tough stuff, while still getting a silky finish. In fact, the 3401 was nicknamed, by the pros, as ‘The Beast’. Now, this new FLEX XCE 8 125 has quickly been dubbed the ‘Cordless Beast’ (or C Beast).

FLEX XCE Cordless Polisher Features

FLEX delivered with a few standout features on the XCE polisher.

Cordless Power

When the big brother is the XC 3401 VRG and it has corded power, then that’s some pretty big shoes to fill being cordless. FLEX is not only a power-tool manufacturer, hence they design and manufacture batteries as well, even for other companies. With their proven knowledge in batteries and brushless motors, their 18V platform delivers on the power. Adding to a great battery is the brushless motor, as well as the electronics that keep everything in harmony. Best of all, it’s free of a cord.

FLEX XCE Cordless Polisher Battery

Forced Rotation

Typical orbital polisher action includes a forced orbit and a random rotation. With the FLEX XCE polisher, you get a true dual-action, with a forced orbit and forced rotation. In short, if you put pressure on a typical orbital polisher in action, you’ll see the rotation stop, even while it still orbits. The FLEX XCE 8 125 continues to orbit and rotate, even when great pressure is applied. If the motor is running, then it’s rotating and orbiting.

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Air Flow

Creating battery-powered tools today is not exactly rocket-science anymore, you’ll find them everywhere. However, delivering a powerful battery-powered tool that performs well and lasts for years is a much tougher task. The more power drawn from a battery, and at faster rates, the more heat that’s created…it’s just relative. You must dissipate or remove this heat, or it will cause damage. FLEX took a great approach to cooling, drawing air in near the base of the tool, right next to the battery contacts. The air passes through the stainless steel mesh, then runs through the handle across all the electronics, goes through the head of the XCE, then dumps out small rectangular holes just above the pad. This keeps the pad cool and keeps air circulating on the panel you are polishing.

Final Thoughts

We can’t wait to get one in the shop, so we can put it through a full review. Check out more from FLEX.

FLEX XCE 8 125 Polisher Specifications

  • Max. polishing pad diameter: 6.25″
  • Max. back-up pad diameter: 6″
  • No-load speed: 230-380 rpm
  • Orbit rate, no load: 4,600 – 7,600 opm
  • Orbit: 8mm
  • Battery voltage: 18 V
  • Battery capacity: 2.5/5.0 Ah
  • Weight without battery: 4.61 lbs

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