Christmas Gift Guide 2018 – Tools and Equipment

Christmas Gift Guide 2018 FI-2

Don’t worry, it’s not too late. We have you covered with the best gifts for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life. If they like or work with tools, then these gifts will foot the bill. We cover several price perspectives to fit your budget as well.

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  • Milwaukee 142-piece Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set: $29.88
  • Husky 30-Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set with Stubby and Pouch: $59.88
  • Optima Digital 400 Battery Charger: $89.99
  • Milwaukee M12 FUEL 12-Volt Brushless Stubby 1/2 in. Impact Wrench: $269.00
  • DeWalt 20-Volt MAX 4-Tool Combo Kit: $399.00
  • Mirka Deros MID550-912-5 6″ Dust-Free System Kit: $1,320.00
  • Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Multiprocess Welder: $2,999.00[/alert]



Milwaukee 142-piece Shockwave Bit Set $29.88

Christmas Gift Guide 2018 Milwaukee 142

Why we’d love to have it:

We love this Milwaukee 142-piece shockwave bit set because it’s a great gift for the one who has everything. It’s also a great fit for the one getting their first drill or impact, and those in-between. These are a go-to for the DIYer, Apprentice, and Professional.

You get a machined tip that extends the life of the bit. Furthermore, the Shockwave technology absorbs impact shock from the impact driver and allows the bit to live longer. Four different hard plastic cases keep your bits secure and in one place.

For more information: click here

Get it now from: The Home Depot

Husky 30-Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set and Stubbies $59.88

Christmas Gift Guide 2018 HuskyWhy we’d love to have it:

After you use a ratcheting wrench the first time, you realize it’s a must-have in your tool-box. There are many places where a ratchet and socket won’t fit, but a ratcheting wrench will, and try removing an intake manifold with a regular wrench, 1/4-turn at a time…ugh!  These Husky ratcheting wrenches in this 30-piece kit offer professional features, yet at economy pricing. Typical ratcheting wrench sets sell for more than $100 and you get less than 15 pieces.

This Husky kit comes with long wrenches, and it also includes stubby ratcheting wrenches as well. The kit includes 20 regular size and 10 stubby size wrenches. You get SAE from 1/4″ to 13″/16″ and metric from 8mm to 18mm. The stubby ratcheting wrenches are 3/8″ to 3/4″ and 10mm to 15mm.

For more information: click here

Get it now from: The Home Depot

Christmas Gift Guide 2018 Optima-1Optima 400 Digital Battery Charger $89.99

Why we’d love to have it:

If you’re a car-nut, like me, then you’re probably aware of the red-top battery that Optima first released, now decades ago. Optima was the first to introduce maintenance-free batteries, way back in 1970.

The Optima 400 battery charger made our cut because it’s a small, yet powerful and heavily-featured charger. It has a 4-amp max output for charging, but it also acts as a trickle-charger or maintainer. A backlit LED charging gauge and LCD screen enable you to easily read the on-screen information. The built-in battery health mode will quickly give you the current status of your battery, and the Optima 400 will recover discharged batteries as well.

For more information: click here

Get it now from: Summit Racing


Milwaukee M12 FUEL Stubby Impact Wrench $269.00

Christmas Gift Guide 2018 Milwaukee Stubby-2Why we’d love to have it:

At less than 5-inches from tip to tail and with 250 ft-lbs of punch, the Milwaukee Stubby impact wrench had to make our Christmas Gift Guide cut for the ~$250 class. Milwaukee proves that you don’t have to have a lot of volts to lay the power down. Strong enough to remove lug nuts and small enough to fit in a big pocket.

This Milwaukee 2555-22 Stubby comes with two M12 batteries (4.0Ah and 2.0Ah Li-Ion batteries) and a charger for just $269. You get 4-modes to set the drive control where you want it. The auto-shut-off mode will stop the tool before over-tightening occurs, allowing you to set the correct torque with a torque wrench. An LED light below the friction-ring anvil casts light on the fastener, so you’re not in the dark.

For more information: click here

Get it now from: The Home Depot

DeWalt 20V Max 4-Tool Combo Kit with Tough System Case $399.00

DeWalt 20V Max 4-tool Kit-4Why we’d love to have it:

If the person you’re buying for likes tools, then they’ll love getting 4 tools, two batteries, a charger, and a DeWalt Tough System case. At less than $400, this kit easily makes our Christmas Gift Guide cut and it comes in at $100 less than the $500 slot it’s in. The DeWalt DCKTS450M2 kit includes the DCD796 brushless compact hammer drill, the DCF884 impact driver, DCS570 circular saw, and the DCG412 grinder. You also get 2 – 4Ah batteries to power these new tools.

The Tough System case that comes with the kit makes transporting your tools even easier. DeWalt’s Tough System is a proven performer by keeping your tools safe from harmful elements like dust and moisture. Who wouldn’t love to

For more information: click here

Get it now from: The Home Depot

Mirka Deros MID550-912-5 6″ Dust-Free System Kit: $1,320.00

Mirka Extractor and DA Sander KitWhy we’d love to have it:

Whether you’re in a woodworking or body shop you can benefit from the Mirka Deros MID550-912 dust-free system. Mirka’s dust extractor pulls any residual, such as wood shavings and primer/paint dust, through a perforated sanding pad on the Deros brushless sander. A fleece bag in the vacuum/extractor catches most of the particles, then the secondary HEPA (optional) filter takes care of the rest. Imagine a body shop with little to no dust.

It’s not just the extractor that’s impressive in this kit. Mirka’s Deros sanders offer features not found in many current sanders. You get a brushless motor providing more than enough power to the 6-inch sanding pad. You also get full variable speed control to maintain your desired RPM. Soft start technology keeps the Mirka sander from just jumping out of your hand. If your loved one has a dusty shop, the Mirka system is for them.

For more information: click here

Get it now from: Mirka

Miller Multimatic 220 AC/DC Multiprocess Welder: $2,999.00

Miller Multimatic 220 WelderWhy we’d love to have it:

Miller steps it up a notch in their multiprocess welder line with the launch of the new Miller Multimatic 220. We were very impressed with the Miller Multimatic 215 several months ago, but the 220 adds some great new features not found on the 215. Some of the great features from the 215 are present on the 220 as well, such as the dual gas inlets and dual voltage input (120V or 240V).

You can TIG aluminum with the 220, so you get AC and DC TIG welding with this machine, in addition to the MIG and Stick. Also, you can leave the TIG torch and the MIG gun connected at the same time. As soon as you hit the MIG trigger or the TIG foot control, the welder automatically starts the correct process. High-Frequency TIG starts on this machine too… no more contacting the material to start your process. What a great setup to get someone that wants to be the next Chip Foose or just an excellent fabricator.

For more information: click here

Get it now from: Miller

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