Evolution S355 Chop Saw Video Review [COLD CUT STEEL]

Evolution S355 Chop Saw FI

Once you use the Evolution S355 Chop Saw you’ll never want to go back using a large abrasive blade again. The 14″ carbide saw-tooth blade cuts through steel…yes, like butter. Even seconds after cutting through 1/4″ plate steel, you can pick up the drop and it’s barely warm. No showers of sparks and no red-hot cut, hence mitigating possible injuries.

Evolution S355 Chop Saw Blade

Evolution S355 Chop Saw Features

This Evolution chop saw came ready to cut right out of the box. The 14″ blade is rated for 1,600 RPM, and the Evolution S355 chop saw has a max no-load speed of 1,450 RPM. Typical abrasive blade saws turn at a much higher RPM, so you can’t just swap blades. Evolution designed their blades to work with their saws. Instead of a huge shower of sparks and burning steel embers exiting the saw, the Evolution chop saw only exhausts small steel chips that cool quickly. You definitely want to wear safety glasses, and we recommend a face-shield as well.

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Setting up cuts, even on different material is quick and easy with the Evolution S355 chop saw. The large 3-eared handle on the Acme screw applies the force to whatever subject is being cut. Even changing from a 90-degree cut to an angle can be done in seconds, without tools. Loosen the large L-handle on the saw, adjust to your desired angle, then retighten. Depending on the material size to be cut, you may have to remove the Allen-bolt and move the jaws into one of the three locations. This is pretty self-explanatory when you see it. Even the Allen-key is stored in a rubber grommet on the front of the saw. The large full-size trigger can be engaged with either a right or left hand. The blade quickly comes to speed, and with a little down-force, the saw cuts right through up to 5-inches of steel.

Evolution Chop Saw Vice Clamp

Final Thoughts

Evolution Chop Saw ClampWe’ve always been impressed with Evolution Power Tools and the quality shows in their tools. Evolution Power Tools is a UK based company and they include a 3-year warranty with a US-based customer service team. With the performance of the Evolution S355 and the quality workmanship, so it’s easy to recommend this saw.

Evolution S355 CPSL Chop Saw Specifications

  • Model: S355 CPSL
  • Blade Capacity: 14″
  • Supplied Blade: 14″ Mild Steel
  • Blade Arbor: 1″
  • Voltage: 120V / 60Hz
  • Power: 15A
  • No Load Speed: 1550
  • Weight: 51 lbs
  • Power Cord: 10 ft Rubber
  • Minimum Cut Off: 5/16″
  • Price: $339

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