Mecum Auction Kissimmee 2019 Top 5 Cars

What better way to bring on the new year than with the Mecum Auction Kissimmee 2019. Each year the Mecum Auction attracts thousands of cars to the Kissimmee area, just down the road from Orlando and Disney World.

For 2019, the cars stretched wider than ever, with nearly 3,500 cars coming across the auction blocks. We had the privilege to hold backstage passes to the Mecum Auction Kissimmee, and we thought we’d share some of our experience.


Mecum Auction Kissimmee Top 5 Sold

The Mecum Auction allows sellers to place a Reserve on their vehicles. This helps ensure their¬†$100,000 car doesn’t get sold for $100. With that being said, we’re bringing you the Top 5 cars that sold, and the Top 5 bids (didn’t meet reserve). Mecum titles the latter as: “the bid goes on.” More on those later, let’s see the ones that Sold, Sold, Sold!

#1 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari $3.3M

They say this is the car so good, they had to name it twice. With nearly 1,000 horsepower on tap, this should please any lead-footed gearhead.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari DoorsUp

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari 6.3L V12 949hp

  • 418 original miles
  • 6.3/949 HP hybrid drive V-12 engine
  • Special-order Rosso Fuoco paint
  • F1-inspired HY-KERS Kinetic Energy Recovery System
  • Factory-rated top speed of 217 MPH
  • F1 7-speed dual clutch gearbox
  • Brembo carbon ceramic disc brakes

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#2 1969 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake $2.2M

The Super Snake was another of Carol Shelby’s ingenious concoctions with Ford. This particular car was 1 of 1, as it was never produced. Goodyear used the Super Snake in a marketing campaign for their new Goodyear Thunderbolt tires.

Carol Shelby himself drove the Super Snake for 500 continuous miles on a test track. The average speed during the test was more than 140 mph. The Mecum Auction Kissimmee was going crazy as the price soared past at a million dollars. The hammer came down at $2M, with the auction premium tacking on the other $200K (10%).

1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake

1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake

  • 1 of 1 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake
  • GT40 Mk II 427 all-aluminum engine, built specifically for this car
  • The Super Snake drove 500 miles at an average of 142 MPH and retained 97% of the original tire tread
  • This prototype was sold in August 1967 for $5,000

#3 1969 L88 Corvette Pair – Coupe and Convertible $990,000

The L88 designation stands out to anyone with GM-blood running through their veins. These were 427 cubic-inch engines with aluminum heads. The claimed 430 horsepower is laughable.

While the L88 did make 430hp at 5,200 rpm, as GM claimed, it was somewhat short of the peak. The high-overlap cam, 12.5:1 compression, and open plenum allowed the L88 to reach peak power at 6,500 rpm. True recreations and dyno results put the actual power in the 550hp range.

One owner had the privilege of bringing home two of these 1969 L88 Corvettes. Both wear Tuxedo Black on the exterior and black interior. One Corvette goes topless as a convertible, and the other a coupe.

Chevy Corvette L88 Pair_1

1 Winner – 2 L88 Corvettes

  • 2 1969 L88 Corvettes
  • 1 Coupe and 1 Convertible
  • Just over 2,000 original miles on the Coupe
  • L88 427/430 HP V-8 engine
  • Aluminum cylinder heads
  • M22 4-speed transmission

#4 1930 Duesenberg Torpedo Phaeton $935,000

Duesenberg Model J Torpedo Side

  • Engine Number J-255 Serial Number 2276
  • Known history and great provenance
  • Appeared in at least 14 Hollywood productions
  • Joined Pacific Auto Rental in Hollywood in 1937
  • Most Outstanding Open Car, 1921-1930 at the 2008 Greenwich Concours d’Elegance

#5 1969 Chevy Camaro ZL1 $495,000

Mecum Auction Kissimmee wasn’t short on muscle, that’s for sure. Several COPO (Central Office Production Order) Camaros crossed the blocks bringing in some staggering numbers. This beautiful and highly-documented ZL1 is number 15 of just 69 made in 1969. The all-aluminum 427 in the small Camaro wrapper made for a perfect drag-racing recipe.

1969 Chevy ZL1 Camaro Angle

1969 Chevy ZL1 Camaro

  • No. 15 of 69 produced
  • ZL1 aluminum 427 CI engine
  • Muncie M21 4-speed transmission
  • 12-bolt Positraction rear end with 4.10 gears
  • Cortez Silver with Black interior
  • Stewart Warner 8,000 RPM tachometer
  • Steel wheels with dog dish caps
  • Goodyear Polyglas tires

The Bid Goes On… Top 5

While the Mecum Auction Kissimmee did sell more than 2,300 cars, there were still more than a thousand cars that didn’t meet their reserve price. Mecum Auctions labels these as “The Bid Goes On” and sellers still have the chance to barter deals with prospecting buyers. Below are the top 5 Bids which didn’t meet their reserve.


#1 1965 Ford GT Roadster $10M

Ford 1965 GT Competition Roadster_1

Bids to $10 Million for the 1965 Ford GT Roadster

  • Only 5 Roadsters were built by Ford in England
  • 1 of 2 surviving examples today
  • The only Roadster with Le Mans racing history
  • Acquired from Ford in 1968 by Dean Jeffries, who kept the car until 2013
  • Currently equipped with the HiPo 289 gifted from Shelby to Jeffries
  • The Ford 4-cam Indy engine is included
  • Ownership history includes: Ford/Shelby, Dean Jeffries and Dana Mecum

#2 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta $6.1M

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta Angle

  • Signature model built to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of Ferrari
  • 174 original miles
  • 1 of only 210 produced
  • 6.3/949 HP hybrid drive V-12 engine
  • F1-inspired HY-KERS Kinetic Energy Recovery System
  • Factory-rated top speed of 217 MPH
  • F1 7-speed dual clutch gearbox
  • Brembo carbon ceramic disc brakes
  • Active aerodynamics with large adjustable spoiler and movable diffuser flaps

#3 Corvettes from the GM Styling Department $1.7M

  • Custom-built from GM
  • The Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell Corvette Styling Cars
  • Two very significant styling cars offered as one lot
  • Harley Earl is widely accepted as the man who introduced ‘style and color’ to the American automotive industry and combined with his successor, Bill Mitchell, the pair controlled the direction of General Motors’ design and styling for most of the 20th Century

#4 1965 Shelby 289 Cobra $1.5M

  • CSX2588, The last Shelby 289 Cobra sold to the public and second-to-last built
  • The CSX2589 was retained by Carroll Shelby and his family since new
  • CSX2588 is the last 4-speed 289 Cobra Roadster built
  • CSX2588 retains its original chassis, body, engine, and drivetrain
  • 289 CI ‘HiPo’ V-8 with aluminum intake and Holley 715 CFM ‘LeMans’ carburetor
  • 1 of 56 finished in Rouge Iris
  • Delivered new to Vel’s Ford Sales in Torrance, CA by Don McCain of Shelby

#5 1992 Ferrari F40 $750,000

  • Develops nearly 800 horsepower
  • Fresh frame-off restoration
  • Street legal with Michigan title
  • LM Spec turbochargers, intercooler and body panels
  • Estimated over $650,000 invested
  • 1992 US spec example offered on title and street legal
  • Extensive restoration and photo build book

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