Milwaukee Rivet Gun Video Review – M12 or M18 FUEL

Milwaukee Rivet Gun FI

Milwaukee Rivet Gun Choices

Squeeze off a few steel rivets in rapid succession and you’ll be wishing you had a Milwaukee Rivet Gun. Then, the decision has to be made as to which one you choose. Just a couple of years ago they released the 2550 Milwaukee M12 Rivet Gun, and this year they debuted the new Milwaukee 2660. This new rivet gun is powered by the M18 FUEL platform. While they both perform their jobs very well, there are some major differences.

Milwaukee M12 M18 Rivet Gun

Model 2550 – Milwaukee M12 Rivet Gun

Milwaukee M12 Rivet Gun TipPowered with the 12-volt M12 battery, this brushed motor still has the pull for up to 3/16″ aluminum rivets. This little guy pulls with 2000 lbs of force to be exact. Four different tips reside on the base of the tool, ready or assignment. An onboard wrench makes tip changes very easy and quick. With just the pull of the trigger, the M12 rivet gun pops the rivet and ejects the spent posts to the container on the rear of the rivet gun.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Riveter – Model 2660

With the 18-volt battery powering the brushless motor, this M18 FUEL rivet gun delivers up to 4500 lbs of pulling force. This is more than enough to pull 9/32″ steel rivets to their final resting place. The action and reaction of the rivet pulling and the stem ejection happen in just a split second. You can literally move as fast as you can load your next rivet.

Milwaukee M18 Rivet Gun_2

Final Thoughts

The decision on which Milwaukee Rivet Gun you might need is actually pretty simple. If you just need something to put 1/8″ rivets in sheet metal and thinner material, then the Milwaukee M12 2550 is more than enough. On the other hand, if you’re building semi-trailers, RVs, or working with large quantities of large rivets, you may want to reach for the M18 FUEL 2660.

Milwaukee 2550 M12 Rivet Gun: $199

Milwaukee 2660 M18 FUEL Riveter: $799

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